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Are your walls cold to the touch in the winter? Are there any visible traces of mold on the walls? Does the temperature in your home rise significantly during the summer? Does your air conditioner not seem to be working at full capacity? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your home is likely to be poorly insulated.

You can verify for yourself whether there is heat loss and air infiltration in your home. How? Easily! Walk about the house with a sheet of paper, a candle or a feather, and observe any movement. Pay particular attention to the contours of doors and windows, ceilings, floors, electrical outlets, ceiling lights and the attic access hatch.

There are several insulation solutions available to you. Blown wool insulation: made from fiberglass, it is very popular in the construction industry. It is known for its thermal properties and is often used to insulate roof spaces. Urethane insulation: urethane is composed of 40% recyclable materials (plastic), vegetable and/or natural soya oil. This type of insulation is very effective and also very environmentally friendly! Cellulose wadding insulation: cellulose fiber will provide your home with excellent thermal insulation, as well as noise insulation. Used both for new constructions and renovation projects, cellulose insulation is increasingly being used by professionals. Bale insulation: this type of insulation comes with excellent thermal resistance to maximize energy savings and retain insulating properties over the years. It is also safe for the environment and made with more than 70% of recycled materials.

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